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Give Your Brand A Digital Advertising Audit

Image by Digital Services

Image by Digital Services

So you have developed the ultimate brand. The brand that will set apart from every other one in your same category. But you don’t know what kind of digital marketing plan you have in place, and how well it’s actually doing for your brand and business, because in the end your brand is all about your business, and conversions. When it comes advertising and digital media aspect of your brand, this is the most critical aspect of modern day branding. Because if you don’t properly control this aspect of the business, you can be in some serious trouble, you will lose business to your competitors.

When you are looking to build a proper brand, you need to look at building a proper name for yourself. When you can do this, it is absolutely important to build a brand that can’t be beat. From the logo, to the name, everything needs to be spot on in your digital and social media branding blitz. Because when it is, you will find that your brand recognition will go up dramatically, and a lot of other things will change for the better. Including your bottom line of your business and brand.

In the end, your brand is what defines your business. It is the doorstep to what the people will be dealing with when it comes to dealing with your business. And if your brand hasn’t had a digital audit, you could be in some serious trouble. That’s why it’s important to have your brand analyzed by experts and professionals of advertising and branding. We highly recommend our local leader, SayItSocial, a advertising agency in Wilmington, NC. Once your digital audit is complete, you can now begin to implement the strategy map that has been created. Obviously we’d like to see a full scale use of Google products such as our Google Maps 360 virtual tours, but you will need to implement an entire suite of advertising tactics. Don’t be sold on one tactic alone. For example search engine optimization. If you were to search for SEO companies in Wilmington, NC, you will see several companies vying for top spot in search engines. Unfortunately many agencies focus solely on a one dimensional tactic such as SEO. These companies leave out a plethora of other digital marketing actions such as considering social signals, Google+ local optimization, even Yelp is still an important marketing component.

The bottom line is you must perform a digital marketing audit, find a quality, reputable digital agency to help you do this. Make them provide references.

Lastly, implement the strategy. And hey, if you need a Google virtual tour to add to it, please give me a call!

The Hotel Industry Jumping On-Board With Google 360 Virtual Tours

usa today

It was bound to happen, the hotel industry just cannot simply ignore the power of Google’s newest product, Google Business Photos, a complete 360 virtual “Street View” tour coming inside of your hotel. As you will see in the newly released article from USA Today (READ Article Below), Best Western International has teamed up with Google to launch these tours to their hotels. Fortunately for us, we have had an opportunity to shoot 2 local hotels here in Wilmington, NC, the Blockade Runner, and Best Western Plus! You can view both of these tours below! Also, if you have a hotel you would like to get a Google 360 virtual tour for, please contact us here!

Blockade Runner Hotel, Wilmington, NC

Best Western Plus, Wilmington, NC

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USA Today Article – December 18, 2013

“Hotels are partnering with Google to change the way travelers can view hotels even before they walk through the front entrance.

Best Western International on Thursday will announce the launch of Google Business Photos for all 2,200 of its North American hotels. All hotels will have the virtual tours online by the end of 2014.

Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, parent company of Radisson, Radisson Blu, and Country Inns & Suites, this month started a pilot program of the service with an initial rollout at its hotels in Chicago, Miami and metro Washington, D.C.

Google Business Photos are 360-degree tours powered by Google Street technology. Many businesses have used the technology since Google introduced it in 2010, but a growing number of hotel companies are now adopting it.

“It will allow you to virtually experience the hotel in the same way you would if you were there,” says Dorothy Dowling, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Best Western. “We personally believe that this is going to be a game-changer in the industry in redefining how photos will be consumed by the consumer.”

The photos are taken by photographers trained and certified by Google. Their still photographs are stitched into 360-degree views using panoramic camera technology. Travelers can see the photos when they search for the hotel on Google Search, Google Maps, Google+, and Google Hotel Finder. They’ll be able to take the interactive tours on their computers, smartphones or tablets. The hotels also can link to the images from their websites.

“Photos are a critical component people rely on when researching hotels and ultimately deciding to book a hotel,” says David Pavelko, Travel Partnerships Director at Google. “To date, photo quality has been inconsistent and there hasn’t been any great innovation in this space.”

According to market research firm PhocusWright, 44% of travelers have looked at professional photos when choosing a hotel. That is up 4 percentage points over last year, says Douglas Quinby, vice president of research for PhocusWright.

Many hotels have incorporated virtual tours on their websites in the past, but hoteliers say the Google photos are more consistent. Consumers also have more control over the experience by clicking on arrows that will take them in various directions.

“Guests are able to get a better feel for a hotel through these virtual tours than by just looking at static images,” says Jackie Astleford, senior director of E-Commerce for Carlson Rezidor. “Since the 360-degree panoramic virtual tours are taken by Google Trusted Photographers, guests know that these tours are created by a trusted, third party.”

Chekitan Dev, marketing professor at Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration and author of Hospitality Branding, says other hotel companies will have to think more about visuals to compete with their counterparts.

“Because people react differently to photos than they do to simply text, brands that show photos of their properties will steal market share from those that do not,” he says.”


Sneak Peek! Google Business 360 Photos, Audi Cape Fear, Wilmington, NC

We were beyond thrilled to shoot Wilmington, North Carolina’s very first Audi dealership for Google Business Photos, and even more excited to find out this dealership is one of only a couple of Audi dealerships with Google’s new 360 virtual tours for Google Maps!

The finished tour will be live soon on their Google+ page, and search engines “see inside”, but take a quick peek in the video below to see how AWESOME this place is, including a peek inside the new Iron Man Audi R8 convertible sports car!.


Wilmington, NC KOA Campground First To Have a Google Business Photo Tour


On a beautiful summer day in Wilmington, North Carolina, we were privileged to begin shooting a Google Business tour, the very first KOA campground in the nation! Usually we are confined in-doors to do our 360 virtual tours, but this tour in particular will be the first of it’s kind in our area, but will be such a powerful marketing tool to share with potential campers. They will be able to take a virtual stroll down all of the campground sites, facilities and more! Here is quick behind the scenes video of the shoot, but stay tuned over the next several weeks as we unveil the nations very first KOA Google Business 360 virtual tour!

Blockade-Runner Launches Wrightsville Beach's First Google Virtual Tour

blockade runner image

Wow, this was one of the funnest Google Business Photos tour to publish to date! We just wanted to show off all of the rooms, and extra views on our blog to show you all the neat features of the Blockade-Runner Resort in Wrightsville Beach, NC. In addition to the standard tour that Google produces, we also added some Bells & Whitles to make the experience a little bit better as you see in the complete tour below…notice the MENU’s? These correlate to each different rooms on different floors. This makes it easier to navigate to the floors quickly. But what comes standard with Google are the numbered boxes (Notice image below)


Here is the entire full Google Business Tour broken down by clicking the navigation. Go ahead, hover your mouse over the tours and check out the Blockade-Runner, you have got to see these rooms!


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Ocean View Room #1

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Ocean View Room #2

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Ocean View Room #3

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Ocean View Room #4

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Sound Side Room

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Pool Area (Note: This is a custom link option that Google provides)

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Beach View of Blockade-Runner’s Beach

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